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Why Use A Property Manager?

Property Management Protects Your Investment

Hiring an efficient & trustworthy professional property manager ensures that your investment is well taken care of while saving you time and stress in dealing with tenants and maintenance.

At Jeff Tikitau Real Estate we take extra steps in all aspects of our management to ensure that your asset is best protected and that you receive stress free management while providing the best rental returns.   Whether you wish to rent your home on short-term or long-term let basis, we can help.

Check out 5 reasons why you should hire us!

5 Reasons Why To Use A Property Manager

1. You’ll Make More Money In The Long Term

Many property owners are afraid to hire a property manager because of the cost involved – not realizing they will actually make more money in the long term due to the increased care of the property. You will get better quality long-term tenants or short-term occupancy and have less damage and repairs to deal with. Your property is likely to hold its great market value, even after being tenanted for many years.

2. A Stress-Free Service so that you can focus on other things

It can be a full-time job to manage a short-term let which involves constant attention to bookings & enquiries, marketing, co-ordinating cleaning, laundry, grounds and maintenance, and providing 24-hour guest support. The same can apply when managing your property as a long-term let where time is needed to track rent payments, collect late fees, deal with tenant complaints and repairs, prep the property for new tenants, inspect, and deal with maintenance issues. It may also become a constant source of stress. Relinquishing these ongoing responsibilities to a good property manager can allow you to benefit from your investment without sacrificing your time and health. With Jeff Tikitau Real Estate you can stay rest assured that your property is in the best hands, giving you security and full peace of mind so you can focus on other things.

3. Better Tenants thanks to Screening and a Bigger Pool Of Potential Renters

A top property management team who is highly experienced in international property management will know the ins and outs of finding good tenants. At Jeff Tikitau Real Estate we are careful in our screening process to look for quality tenants & vacationers who meet owners requirements. We also have a high level of enquiry from renters for long-term lets and a pool of ready qualified tenants. The result is better quality tenants in your property faster.

4. We serve as a buffer between owners and tenants

When using a property management company, a property owner is able to keep a professional distance from their tenants. Getting too personally involved can result in being too lenient on certain issues or too defensive about certain types of complaints. Renting out a property is a business and it is much easier for a property manager to keep things on a strictly professional level. When issues arise, a professional property manager is better prepared to deal with the problem effectively.

5. Feet On The Ground

It is important that when selecting a good property manager that they have 'feet on the ground' to best manage your property. Jeff Tikitau Real Estate is based in Rarotonga and is best placed to best take care of your investment at a premium level. Our 'hands on' professional team can monitor your property closely and be quick to respond to guest demands, tenant complaints, and/or unexpected emergencies. We offer 24-hour support to owners and guests/tenants and have an office centrally located opposite Rarotonga Airport, near Rarotonga's CBD, where we can avail ourselves to any needs.

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